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Release v1.7 & issues

Hello again :-)

I forgot to sum up the last update, so this post will cover both 1.6 and 1.7 releases.

  • Pandora support, thanks to Jordan Perr
  • few fixes, including the alert box on own profile page at YouTube

There is also a suspicion that the scrobbler is not working at YouTube for some people. For me it's working fine so I can't check or fix this. So if there's anyone skilled enough to help, I'd be glad. What would help at first is some error which probably shows up in the console when the extension fails to load. If you are experiencing problems and are willing to help, don't hesitate to contact me on the or better GitHub.

And for the last - I noticed some people are confused about what the extension does and how it works. I think about a new website that will illustrate the function and replace this one. Let's hope I'll get to it soon.

Cheers, David :-)

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  1. How does this extension pick up names from YouTube? For example

    The details are in the status box, but every time I have to put the artist and track name into the scrobbler. It always accepts but every time this video plays it needs me to enter the information again.

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