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Release v1.5

A new release is being distributed today!
Besides new supported website there are no changes, which I think is good, because it means there are no bugs needing to be fixed, right? :-)

  • Youtube at Google+ (popup player) is now supported thanks to redhead
  • Grooveshark support has been disabled, since you can use GS's bult-in scrobbler for free now
Enjoy ;-)
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  1. thanks guys, cheers from Brazil!

  2. I purposedly used this scrobbler instead of Grooveshark’s built-in one because both me and my girlfriend uses the same account, albeit on different computers. Is there a way to downgrade to 1.4 ?

  3. Why would you remove Grooveshark support? Is there a way to downgrade to v1.4?

  4. This release doesn’t seem to work on YouTube videos anymore. I’m using Google Chrome 15.0.874.121 m on Windows 7 Ultimate with your 1.5 Scrobbler. I don’t see the icon in the omni box anymore after updating from 1.4 on YouTube videos… I’ve disabled my other extensions so I’m not sure what’s different (Oh, I use Cosmic Panda layout on YouTube)

  5. Hello, could you please support Grooveshark again ? I’d like to activate it by browser instead of by account, since both I and my girlfriend uses the same account. Thanks !

  6. I think the recent update of Youtube to the new Google look and feel broke this scrobbler.

  7. It doesnt work for me either.

  8. Oh i works now!Sorry xD

  9. I am also not getting anything – no icons anywhere. Notifications work and it’s scrobbling to but no icon anywhere.

    Also – since I’ve got your attention, any chance you could add support for I’d rather be scrobbling to their servers and it’s the same protocol – just a different URL.

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