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Release v1.4

Just a quick one - I've just added support for Ghostly Discovery and BandCamp sites done by Peter McEvoy and George Pollard.

Hope you'll enjoy! ;-)

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  1. excellent job, I was wondering if you could add a support for KEXP radio, the idea would be to scrobble if you’re in the playlist or mini-palylist site for instance (

    There is an scrobbler client for windows here (


  2. Love the extension! Works better than the other stuff out there. Only problem is that, for Grooveshark, the extension doesn’t show what you’re listening to now, but only scrobbles what you’re listening once past the 50% mark. It’s a minor problem, in my opinion.

    Another site you could add: please add support for MoonPlayer radio!

    Thanks a lot!

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