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Release v1.1

Hello there!
Here's what you'll find in a new release:

  • Google Music support
  • fix for disappearing omnibox icon

Not much, you say? :-) I think the Google Music support is quite big! All thanks belongs to Sharjeel Aziz who is the author of the GM support. I didn't have chance to test it myself (as my country is blocked in the GM), but I'm sure Sharjeel did a great job and scrobbling will work just fine. If, by some accident, will not, contact me here, on the GitHub or anywhere else and I'll see what I can do about it ;-)

The other thing is disappearing omnibox icon after browser restart. It was reported in comments of previous post and I also noticed that while scrobbling. Unfortunately there is a bug in Chrome (issue #86449) which won't get fixed until Chrome version 14. Temporarily I added a bypass which seems to be working, so you can see the scrobbling status in the omnibox again. And of course you'll be able to correct unrecognized track titles!


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  1. I am not sure if that’s a bug. I am using cosmic panda youtube(should I say skin of youtube?). Anyway, sometime when I start google chrome, I find your extension disabled. Any possible reason? How can I fix that?

    • Some updates I made recently needs you to re-enable the extension, because its permissions changed. That happens when I add support for a new website, which means the extension will interact with that web and Chrome needs you to approve that. It’s a security issue and I can’t do anything about that. After browser start (when the extension got updated) a yellow infobar should pop-out from the top of the browser asking you to re-approve the extension.
      Maybe you’ve just missed it ;-)

      And the panda YT … as far as I know, it’s just for testing purposes. Most likely some panda features will be merged into classic YT skin, but they definitely won’t switch to panda as a main theme. That’s the reason why I didn’t (and I don’t think I will) do a panda support in the scrobbler.

  2. Do you think you could make this work with Embeded videos?

    • Currently the priority was YT website. Embedded videos might be the next goal, but the last time when I checked it was techniccaly impossible to scrobble embedded videos.
      But I noticed that YT is testing some new player and who knows – maybe it will be possible. I’ll keep an eye on it ;-)

  3. Hey.

    Once i have manually corrected a videos scrobbling it would be nice if it remembered the correction. Now i have to write names and such every time i listen to a song.

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