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Release v1.0

It is finally here, the scrobbler 1.0!

What's new:

  • Scrobbling status is indicated by icon on the right side of the omnibox (address field)
  • You can manually correct unrecognized song (by clicking the icon while it shows question mark)
  • Uses API 2.0 which should be more stable; the extension core got refactored (see GitHub wiki)
  • No need to fill-in credentials; you just have to authorize the extension with (just once)
  • Smarter YouTube song title recognition; supports playlists and user profiles
  • Option to turn on/off notifications, status-boxes and autocorrection

When the extension gets updated, the first time you open YT or 61 it will ask for authorization - a new tab will open where you need to login to the and click "accept". This is done only once, when updating to 1.0 .

Currently supported websites are:

  • YouTube
  • 61 (

I planned to include Napster and Google Music aswell, but I ran into some problems by not having UP IP address. So it will need someone else to fix, test and pull-request, or to get me new IP somehow :-)

The great thing is that you can now manually correct the song title by clicking the omnibox icon. This is possible only when the song is not recognized and the icon turns into a grey question mark.

Hope you enjoy the scrobbling!
David ;-)

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  1. Hey, awesome, just one idea, do you think you could get this working with synchtube. Awesome program.

  2. The icon in the omnibox after switching off and on Google Chrome will disappear.

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