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Release v0.7

This version is fixing rather than adding new stuff.

  • Allows YouTube scrobbling on SSL encrypted connection (HTTPS)
  • Allows YouTube scrobbling on user profile
  • Notifies the user if it's unable to connect to the (since now it seemed like the scrobbler is not working)
  • If you start scrobbling, leave the site (too early to submit the track) and come back after a while, the previously played video won't be submitted as listened

As you can see, I've done no progress in Napster scrobbling or any other webpages. I intended to do so, but soon I realized I don't have that much time. So I have to repeat what I wrote on the options page - the development of  'connectors'  for other sites is up to you. It's easy - just fork me on the GitHub and send a pull request ;-)

Of course I will continue developing the scrobbler's core and the YouTube connector. There are few things right now on my TODO list:

  • Support YouTube playlists!
  • Option to temporarily disable scrobbling
  • Option to correct the title of unrecognized song
  • Test on Mac - it seems the Chrome running on Mac produces more extension errors than any other
  • Get the Analytics working
  • Get the Napster connector working (it is unfinished, but partially working and it would be shame to just throw it away)
  • Cooler notifications (I don't like the default Chrome notifications; maybe adding an artist photo instead of extension icon would be nice)

Anyway thanks for the support! I see you like the extension and I'm really glad for that ;-)

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  1. w00t! I haven’t tried your thing yet but that is why i am here! Stumbled on over from a more dead project and well…somehow am leaving a comment before making it past this post it appears….

  2. Please make an option to turn off the popup message.

  3. Nevermind, I’m dumb.

  4. Thank YOU!!
    Very useful. :)

    My first youtube scrobbled song: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Secret

  5. Excelente aplicación estaría bien que en la próxima edicion agregaran soundcloud o goear ;)

  6. A new version should be made that includes support for Amazon’s new cloud player =D

  7. Hi, this is a great idea! Could be possible to adapt it to use it with That’ll be great (for me) :D


  8. This is rly nice! Could you add sth like “repair tag” option? I don’t like the ugly names in my library :) And maybe a “do not scrobble” button? I think everyone sometimes listens to sth he doesn’t want to share with the world :) )

  9. “Repair” and “Do not scrobble” will be most likely in the next release. I’m working on it, but right now my bachelor thesis is more important. But don’t worry, the time will come and it will be ass-kicking release ;-)

  10. “Option to correct the title of unrecognized song”
    Can’t wait! :)

    Would you consider a simple popup to enter artist/trackname similar to this GM script ? Screenshot:

  11. You shoud fix support for, it’s a very neat and clean service.

  12. It seems to have problems with ampersands? Apart from that it works really well. Thanks!

  13. please make it work for firefox!

  14. Could you already try to make your extensions compatible with the new YouTube (

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