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Release v0.6 and partial Napster

A new version has been released right now! The changes are quite big:

  • Experimental Napster support (I can't test this by myself - any feedback is appreciated!)
  • YouTube improvements in recognizing the artist and the song (also should support all national charsets now)
  • Unified notifications - the info bar in front of the title is no more connected with the scrobbling status and is decorative only (and might be removed in later releases). All of the Scrobbler activity is now shown in form of notification
  • Scrobbling right after the minimum time has past

I'm happy to see that the number of users grows and never lowers! Thanks a lot for your support and please use the comment section to write down what do you like or dislike in the new version. Especially how do you like the notifications - technically it's a right way to go, but I'm not sure about the user comfort. So give it a try and give me some feedback :-)

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  1. I’d like to say that setting up a blog was a good idea. It’s far more straightforward than comments at Google extensions site. But to the point – two remarks. Firstly, there is no (or at least I couldn’t found it) any configuration for notifications pop up. It would be nice to be able to switch it off/on at least. And secondly, I find the info bar next to the title (on YT) very useful. Maybe you should considerate removing it once again? Cheers :)

    • Thanks! Right now I’m kinda busy working on my bachelor thesis, but I’m still thinking of how to get more scrobbler users to visit this web. Now there are about 5 visitors a day, which really won’t make any discussion.

      Concerning the notifications it should be possible to deactivate them using a little icon in their top corner. But I’m not sure it can be reactivated (by other way than reinstalling the plugin) yet. An option to turn notifications on/off is definitely on the todo list. Just like displaying an artist (album) image in the notification instead of the plugin icon, but that’s just a design thing and doesn’t have high priority.

      And the YT info bar. I’m not sure I understand you. Do you like it or not? (You’re saying remove it “once again”, but as far as I know it was never removed.) My plans are to remove it. I’m aware of the people who watch videos (not just listen music in the background) who would like to keep the info bar. But it no longer gives away any information about scrobbling. Yes, there is the effect and text, but the same you can tell from the notification plus notifications are unified, which is my point in the first place. This plugin was always meant as “scrobbler platform” for various websites. That means it has to handle all types of sites including these, where cannot be inserted something like YT info bar. So the unified notifications are definitely the right way to go.

      And hey, you’re the first to comment on this web! Thanks :-)


    Keeps Scrobbling as La Roux – Bulletproof >.< Gahh!
    Anyways, this is the only problem video I've tried scrobbling, other than that I am using Youtube for music a lot more now ^_^ thanks!!!

  3. Great job David! Is possible to create extension for Mac OS X Safari?

  4. ok, so I will just copypaste what I wrote on Last.FM so that you won’t forget:

    » manually editing would be great and maybe the feature to turn it off sometimes? What I find pretty annoying is, when for example a friend links you a video, you open it, see, it’s Rick Astley, close it and then later on open another youtube-page, you’ll get informed that suddenyl Rick Astley was actually scrobbled. If you could fix that too, it’d be awesome. «

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