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Release v0.5 and features in progress

I'd like to write a post for every released version of the Scrobbler, so here I am starting with the 0.5.

  • only YouTube is supported
  • scrobbling status is determined by the box in front of the video title

It might not be obvious, but both of these features are in fact bad. At least from my point of view.

Sure, there is no doubt the YouTube support is a key feature of the Scrobbler, but it's not enough for me. Luckily Hugo Haas contacted me and sent me some of his improvements to the Scrobbler. The one thing was support for the Napster, which is definitely a big step forward. Right now I can say that the code is merged and I'm waiting for Hugo to test it.

The other cool thing are notifications, also iniciated by Hugo. Google Chrome contains the avalibility to display notifications, kinda like the OS X Growl, which I wasn't aware of. Support for notifications should be included in the next release and will most likely replace the current scrobbling status box.

And here's your questions! Do you find the Napster support useful? And how do you feel about the unified notifications? Would you mind not being able to see if the minimum time to scrobble the track has already passed? Do you have any other idea how to solve notifications? Keep in mind that they have to be unified to support all web sites possible.

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