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Release v1.7 & issues

Hello again :-)

I forgot to sum up the last update, so this post will cover both 1.6 and 1.7 releases.

  • Pandora support, thanks to Jordan Perr
  • few fixes, including the alert box on own profile page at YouTube

There is also a suspicion that the scrobbler is not working at YouTube for some people. For me it's working fine so I can't check or fix this. So if there's anyone skilled enough to help, I'd be glad. What would help at first is some error which probably shows up in the console when the extension fails to load. If you are experiencing problems and are willing to help, don't hesitate to contact me on the or better GitHub.

And for the last - I noticed some people are confused about what the extension does and how it works. I think about a new website that will illustrate the function and replace this one. Let's hope I'll get to it soon.

Cheers, David :-)

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Release v1.5

A new release is being distributed today!
Besides new supported website there are no changes, which I think is good, because it means there are no bugs needing to be fixed, right? :-)

  • Youtube at Google+ (popup player) is now supported thanks to redhead
  • Grooveshark support has been disabled, since you can use GS's bult-in scrobbler for free now
Enjoy ;-)
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Release v1.4

Just a quick one - I've just added support for Ghostly Discovery and BandCamp sites done by Peter McEvoy and George Pollard.

Hope you'll enjoy! ;-)

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Release v1.3

Hi again!

Today's release is really big. There are four new websites supported, all thanks to Yasin Okumus ;-)

  • Grooveshark support
  • MySpace support
  • support
  • support
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Release v1.2

A quick update of the extension. Actual version of the scrobbler is now 1.2

  • To temporarily disable scrobbling, click the omnibox status icon. To re-enable, click it again.
  • Added support for, thanks to Yasin Okumus
I'm also working on a fix for the extension permissions. Now with every update that adds some new website support you have to confirm that it is ok to access data on that site. It really bugs me out and I'm sure you too. Hope I'll find a way to fix it really soon!
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Release v1.1

Hello there!
Here's what you'll find in a new release:

  • Google Music support
  • fix for disappearing omnibox icon

Not much, you say? :-) I think the Google Music support is quite big! All thanks belongs to Sharjeel Aziz who is the author of the GM support. I didn't have chance to test it myself (as my country is blocked in the GM), but I'm sure Sharjeel did a great job and scrobbling will work just fine. If, by some accident, will not, contact me here, on the GitHub or anywhere else and I'll see what I can do about it ;-)

The other thing is disappearing omnibox icon after browser restart. It was reported in comments of previous post and I also noticed that while scrobbling. Unfortunately there is a bug in Chrome (issue #86449) which won't get fixed until Chrome version 14. Temporarily I added a bypass which seems to be working, so you can see the scrobbling status in the omnibox again. And of course you'll be able to correct unrecognized track titles!


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Release v1.0

It is finally here, the scrobbler 1.0!

What's new:

  • Scrobbling status is indicated by icon on the right side of the omnibox (address field)
  • You can manually correct unrecognized song (by clicking the icon while it shows question mark)
  • Uses API 2.0 which should be more stable; the extension core got refactored (see GitHub wiki)
  • No need to fill-in credentials; you just have to authorize the extension with (just once)
  • Smarter YouTube song title recognition; supports playlists and user profiles
  • Option to turn on/off notifications, status-boxes and autocorrection

When the extension gets updated, the first time you open YT or 61 it will ask for authorization - a new tab will open where you need to login to the and click "accept". This is done only once, when updating to 1.0 .

Currently supported websites are:

  • YouTube
  • 61 (

I planned to include Napster and Google Music aswell, but I ran into some problems by not having UP IP address. So it will need someone else to fix, test and pull-request, or to get me new IP somehow :-)

The great thing is that you can now manually correct the song title by clicking the omnibox icon. This is possible only when the song is not recognized and the icon turns into a grey question mark.

Hope you enjoy the scrobbling!
David ;-)

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Release v0.7

This version is fixing rather than adding new stuff.

  • Allows YouTube scrobbling on SSL encrypted connection (HTTPS)
  • Allows YouTube scrobbling on user profile
  • Notifies the user if it's unable to connect to the (since now it seemed like the scrobbler is not working)
  • If you start scrobbling, leave the site (too early to submit the track) and come back after a while, the previously played video won't be submitted as listened

As you can see, I've done no progress in Napster scrobbling or any other webpages. I intended to do so, but soon I realized I don't have that much time. So I have to repeat what I wrote on the options page - the development of  'connectors'  for other sites is up to you. It's easy - just fork me on the GitHub and send a pull request ;-)

Of course I will continue developing the scrobbler's core and the YouTube connector. There are few things right now on my TODO list:

  • Support YouTube playlists!
  • Option to temporarily disable scrobbling
  • Option to correct the title of unrecognized song
  • Test on Mac - it seems the Chrome running on Mac produces more extension errors than any other
  • Get the Analytics working
  • Get the Napster connector working (it is unfinished, but partially working and it would be shame to just throw it away)
  • Cooler notifications (I don't like the default Chrome notifications; maybe adding an artist photo instead of extension icon would be nice)

Anyway thanks for the support! I see you like the extension and I'm really glad for that ;-)

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Release v0.6 and partial Napster

A new version has been released right now! The changes are quite big:

  • Experimental Napster support (I can't test this by myself - any feedback is appreciated!)
  • YouTube improvements in recognizing the artist and the song (also should support all national charsets now)
  • Unified notifications - the info bar in front of the title is no more connected with the scrobbling status and is decorative only (and might be removed in later releases). All of the Scrobbler activity is now shown in form of notification
  • Scrobbling right after the minimum time has past

I'm happy to see that the number of users grows and never lowers! Thanks a lot for your support and please use the comment section to write down what do you like or dislike in the new version. Especially how do you like the notifications - technically it's a right way to go, but I'm not sure about the user comfort. So give it a try and give me some feedback :-)

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Release v0.5 and features in progress

I'd like to write a post for every released version of the Scrobbler, so here I am starting with the 0.5.

  • only YouTube is supported
  • scrobbling status is determined by the box in front of the video title

It might not be obvious, but both of these features are in fact bad. At least from my point of view.

Sure, there is no doubt the YouTube support is a key feature of the Scrobbler, but it's not enough for me. Luckily Hugo Haas contacted me and sent me some of his improvements to the Scrobbler. The one thing was support for the Napster, which is definitely a big step forward. Right now I can say that the code is merged and I'm waiting for Hugo to test it.

The other cool thing are notifications, also iniciated by Hugo. Google Chrome contains the avalibility to display notifications, kinda like the OS X Growl, which I wasn't aware of. Support for notifications should be included in the next release and will most likely replace the current scrobbling status box.

And here's your questions! Do you find the Napster support useful? And how do you feel about the unified notifications? Would you mind not being able to see if the minimum time to scrobble the track has already passed? Do you have any other idea how to solve notifications? Keep in mind that they have to be unified to support all web sites possible.

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